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Vegan sources of omega 3- foods & supplements

13 Jun 2022

Vegan omega 3 sources
Vegetable (1 cup) Amoun of Omega 3 
Green bell peppers 886mg
Red bell peppers 822mg
Cooked kale 482mg
Edamame beans 472mg
Brussels sprouts 270mg
Cauliflower 207mg
Kimchi 206mg
Broccoli 186mg
Spinach 166mg
Globe or French artichokes 99mg
Green cauliflower 96mg
Leeks 88mg
Courgette 76mg
Bok Choy 39mg
Pumpkins 5mg


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Ella Mills: What a plant based diet can do for you

Ella Mills: What a plant based diet can do for you

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