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Various wooden spoons with ingredients on them

Which tea is for me? 

There’s more to tea than black with milk and one sugar! 

Want to sleep better?

Chamomile tea is a wonderfully relaxing herbal tea which can settle your mind and calm anxieties. It also soothes the stomach and can help your digestion. Ideal if tummy troubles keep you awake.

Need to unwind?

Lavender is well-known for its ability to relax the mind. A warm cup of lavender tea will soothe and calm you, and has the added benefit of having a natural cleansing and antibacterial effect on the body. Cooled lavender tea infusion can even be used to treat colds, coughs, and minor cuts.

Lemon balm tea is a great choice if you need to calm an anxious mind. It is uplifting, boosting your mood without keeping you awake. Some lemon balm teas contain valerian, creating a powerful natural treatment for insomnia. Choose lemon balm plus peppermint for soothing digestive relief.

Beat the bloat

Ginger tea is a powerful treatment for upset stomachs, bloating, and indigestion. A great choice as an after-dinner tea, or to drink before bed if you’ve been out for a meal. It helps stimulate the digestive system in a soothing way, and can calm feelings of nausea.

Fragrant cardamom tea can ease stomach pain and reduce gassiness. It's no surprise that cardamom is a key ingredient in spicy foods.

Natural energy

Green tea is a natural source of caffeine which is gentler than coffee. Plus it has a host of health benefits, making it ideal for day time tea drinking. Green tea's antioxidants (polyphenols) buffer oxidative stress, and can help to lower blood pressure and support heart health. All whilst giving you a natural energy boost.

Immune support

Echinacea is a popular immune support supplement, but you can also drink it as a herbal tea. The herb contains natural anti-oxidants which support your immune system and can reduce inflammation - perfect if you have a cold.

The fragrant rosemary plant makes a tea which can give relief for coughs, colds, and mild breathing problems. It’s also a fantastic digestive aid.

Vitamin C intake is important when you’re under the weather. Rosehips (the fruit of the rose plant) are one of the best natural sources of this vitamin. Rosehip tea is a good choice for those days when your general health needs some extra support.

Healthy digestion

Peppermint is the classic digestive tea. This fragrant mind calms a troubled digestive system, can reduce gas, and help your body digest foods better. Even the smell of peppermint can make some people feel better. So brew a cup and enjoy the aroma.

Hawthorn tea is a less common choice for upset stomachs. The flavanoids in the berries, leaves, and flowers of the plant are believed to help relax your blood vessels, boosting your digestion and relieving water retention. Perfect if you’ve eaten something which didn’t agree with you.

Nettle tea is made with the leaves of stinging nettle, but it won't sting! Nettles are actually a soothing natural remedy for a range of mild health issues including coughs and colds, mucus and congestion, and bladder problems.

If your liver needs some support, turn to milk thistle tea. This classic liver cleanser helps your liver do its job without harsh medication.

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