10 ways to supercharge your day with Manuka honey

Manuka honey is said to be one of the purest, healthiest honeys in the world due to its natural anti-bacterial properties.

While it’s a great addition to hot lemon juice when you’ve got the sniffles, how else can you make the most of this wonder product?

Here are 10 easy suggestions for supercharging your day with Manuka honey:

1. Add a drizzle to your morning porridge

Get your morning off to a great start by adding Manuka honey to your hot cooked porridge oats. The combination of slow and fast GI carbohydrates will give you energy for hours. Not a fan of hot porridge? You'll love: Turmeric, Manuka Honey and Ginger Overnight Oats

2. Stir a spoonful into yoghurt

Just stir a spoonful of Manuka honey into yoghurt, along with any mix-ins that you choose (we like chopped nuts, berries, and flaked coconut). It turns your plain yoghurt into a treat you’ll crave.

3. Blend into a smoothie

Manuka honey is a great sweetener for homemade smoothies. Simply add a teaspoon of Manuka honey to your regular smoothie ingredients before you blend it all together. Try this Manuka Honey and Blueberry Smoothie

4. Trickle a little over fresh fruit

Chopped fruit or mixed berries are the perfect partner for Manuka honey. We think it goes particularly well with citrus fruit: try orange slices or grapefruit halves with Manuka honey.

5. Spread on toast

Enjoy Manuka honey spread on warm buttered toast for a delicious breakfast or an indulgent snack. Or make your own Spiced Honey Butter

6. Toss in with roasted vegetables

Manuka honey makes a wonderful coating for roasted root veggies. Mix the honey with orange juice to roast carrots, or brush on to parsnips for a golden glaze. Prefer to stir fry your veggies? Try out this Manuka Honey and Sriracha Stir Fry Sauce

7. Mix into salad dressing

Add a little Manuka honey into your homemade salad dressings for a touch of sweetness which won’t overpower the other ingredients.

8. Glaze freshly baked muffins

What could be better than hot muffins straight out of the oven, glazed with healthy Manuka honey? Warm a little honey to make it thinner, then coat the back of a teaspoon to glaze your muffins. You can also add it into your next cake! Try this Manuka Honey and Orange Polenta Cake

9. Pour over warm pancakes or waffles

Take those pancakes, crepes, or waffles to another level by drizzling Manuka honey over the top. Scatter them with berries, nuts, or seeds first and then finish the presentation off with honey.

10. Make a comforting hot drink

Of course, it makes great honey and lemon. But why not swirl a little to your favourite tea, or mix with almond milk and cacao powder to make healthy hot cocoa?

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