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10 daily techniques to combat stress

Whether its a hectic time at work, dark nights, money issues or family dilemmas, it's super important that we make sure to take extra care of ourselves during these times.

We asked Madeleine Olivia, health and well-being YouTuber, for her 10 daily techniques to combat stress. Here are her top tips for staying healthy and stress-free.

1. Nutrition & supplementation

Eating a variety of delicious and nutritious foods is another must to make sure you feel your best. I love to eat a plant based diet full of fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy fats. On top of this I supplement B12 with a vitamin spray, as it tastes great and is super easy to use. I also include B12 with my absolute favourite thing: nutritional yeast. Think of it like a vegan's answer to parmesan cheese! For an extra boost, I also love taking an omega-3 supplement and adding spirulina to my morning smoothie.

2. Moving

You don't have to run a marathon or do a hundred sit-ups, just simply move your body. Go for a walk around your local park, dance to your favourite song, or ride your bike to the shop. The endorphins will leave you feeling energised and stress-free.

3. Getting outside

My favourite thing to do when everything gets a bit much is to take a walk in nature and absorb the sights and smells. The birds, the trees, the sky and the leaves are a recipe for peace and tranquillity.

4. Meditation

Learning mindfulness and meditation is a very easy way of lowering the stress that this time of year can bring. Meditation can be as simple as taking a moment to sit comfortably, focus on your breathing, and try to let any thoughts you have pass by.

5. Essential Oils

A soothing scent can be all it takes to calm you down. Try rubbing a small dab of lavender essential oil on your wrists and neck, pouring a few drops of bergamot in a hot bath at night, or adding some rose to your diffuser to ease anxiety when it hits.

6. Writing lists and staying organised

Staying organised and putting pen to paper has more power in aiding your stress than you might imagine. When there are a million things running around in your head, start by simply writing it down and going from there. You'd be surprised how many small stresses disappear from your life.

7. Herbal teas

There is nothing better than snuggling up in bed or on the sofa with a warm cuppa. Try switching out the usual caffeine for a warm mug of herbal tea. My go-to stress busters are peppermint, camomile, and night-time tea.

8. Sleep

So many of us are constantly on the go and don't get enough sleep. A bad night's sleep can leave us feeling groggy and irritable. Try going to bed a bit earlier, switching off your phone, or giving into the duvet by taking a midday nap if you need one.

9. Talking

There is nothing more tried and true than having a good chat about your problems. So meet up with a friend for a stress-relieving chin-wag. They may have already been there and have some advice for your worries. Having someone simply listen can be the most therapeutic thing in the world.

10. Vitamin D

A huge culprit for our lower mood in winter is decreased vitamin D. A lack of sun during this time of year makes it easy for us to fall short on this vital vitamin.

I like to take a vegan vitamin D supplement that’s made from mushrooms, to make sure I am making up for what the English sunshine lacks.

We love these tips from Madeleine Olivia and we’re sure you will too. Shop Vitamins & Supplements About Madeleine Madeleine Olivia is a 25 year old wellness YouTuber from Cornwall. Madeleine covers all things simple living, minimalism, travel and veganism on her YouTube channel and documents her daily life in order to provide advice and guidance to her audience. Discover more from Madeleine on her YouTube channel.

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