A variety of vegan chocolate slabs on top of eachother, with dried fruit and nuts on top.

7 of the best vegan chocolates


No, you aren’t dreaming. You’ve read right, there’s a whole section of our website dedicated to nothing but vegan chocolates.

From vegan white chocolate and vegan chocolate bars, to vegan chocolate truffles and vegan milk chocolate, you’ll find them all. And they’re all ready and waiting to whisk you away to vegan chocolate heaven.

If you didn’t have a chocolate craving at the start of this article, we can guarantee you will have by the time you’ve reached the end of it….

Our pick of the best vegan chocolates right now: 

1. Vego Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 65g (£2.19)

This chocolate bar ticks a lot of boxes – it’s vegan, organic, Fairtrade, gluten-free and contains no palm oil. High quality ingredients, such as fine hazelnut paste, whole hazelnuts and cocoa cream have been blended together in a unique process to create Vego bars.

Customer reviews:

‘Love the Vego range. It’s the most delicious vegan chocolate.’ - Cseymour

‘Yummy. The best chocolate I’ve tried, so smooth and creamy.’ – At41

2. NOMO Caramel & Sea Salt Choc Bar 38g (99p)

Made in the UK, NOMO bars are vegan and free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts. NOMO’s chefs have spent years crafting their vegan choc recipe. Also available in a Fruit & Crunch flavour.

Customer reviews:

‘It’s like eating Galaxy Caramel chocolate, simply gorgeous, that gorgeous, I tend to order them in bulk. – Galap.

3. Deliciously Ella Salted Caramel Cups 36g (£1.69)

Vegan friendly and gluten free, these double chocolate caramel cups are the perfect plant-based indulgence. Rich, sweet and full of flavour, they have a chocolate and oat base and are topped with caramel, chocolate ganache and a layer of dark chocolate. Also available in a Double Chocolate Caramel flavour.

Customer reviews:

‘I really like these, particularly as they are vegan in combination with gluten free, such tasty snacks can be hard to come by. They are perfect for when I have a chocolate craving. The double chocolate ones are also very good, more intense in flavour (and not 'too' calorific!).’ – KiTK

4. Booja Booja Almond Truffle 2 Pack (£1.29)

Booja Booja’s multi award-winning Almond Salted Caramel Truffles are vegan, organic and dairy, gluten and soya free. These melt in your mouth vegan chocolate truffles, with their chewy, gooey sea salted caramel and roasted almonds filling, are the perfect on-the-go chocolate fix. Also available in Hazelnut Truffle flavour.

Customer reviews:

‘Booja Booja yumminess! My all-time favourite chocolates and so perfect you can buy them in packs of two so you can treat yourself without feeling too guilty!’ - Megly

5. Balance Belgian Dark Chocolate 35g Bar (99p) 

Vegan and sugar free, Balance’s Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar is made with maltitol and pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter, with a lingering taste of delicate vanilla. It’s the ideal choice for dark chocolate lovers, who don't want unnecessary sugar in their snacks.

Customer reviews:

‘Brilliant. The best chocolate ever. Ideal for my ketogenic diet and a favourite of my son's for just being amazingly tasty. – Galina l

6. Raw Halo Vegan Mylk & Vanilla Raw Chocolate 22g (99p)

This chocolate bar is suitable for vegans, as well as being dairy and gluten free. Raw Halo’s bars are made with ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients that have been sweetened naturally with coconut sugar and are wrapped in sustainable plastic-free packaging.

Customer reviews:

‘I saw this product on promotion and didn't realise it was vegan. It tastes great, I'm going back tomorrow for more. Tastes better than some dairy chocolate.’ – Happy Shopper

7. Doisy & Dam Almond Butter Cups 30g (£1.59)

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians and gluten free, these chocolate cups are made from single-origin Colombian chocolate and ethical cacao. They’re also palm oil-free. Also available in Hazelnut Butter flavour.

Customer reviews:

‘Delicious dark chocolate in these mini peanut cups! I'm trying to reduce my sugars and carbs and one of these is just enough with a cup of coffee. A healthy way to enjoy chocolate!’ – Josie52

We don’t know about you, but do you fancy some chocolate?....

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