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Muscle recovery foods

Whether you’re new to the gym or a fitness guru, we all know how important it is to incorporate a nutritious diet along with plenty of exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, the right nutrition can help with your overall wellbeing, as well as support your workout routine. From weight lifting to marathon running, working out causes some of the protein in your muscles to get damaged.1,2

With that in mind, eating a nutritious meal or snack after your workout is as important as your pre-workout fuel. Below, we’ve put together some tips to help you make the right choices to help make your workouts as productive as possible.

What to think about when eating for muscle recovery

Simply eating a snack or a meal after your workout isn’t enough to reduce that post-workout soreness. What you eat is really important, so try to avoid loading up on unhealthy food straight after your gym session or jog. The timing of your post-workout fuel is also worth thinking about. The sooner, the better after exercise is usually the best option, or at most within three hours of your session.3

What food to eat for muscle recovery

Like we mentioned above, choosing the right options is essential when it comes to muscle recovery foods. Try to choose protein-rich food, along with some carbohydrates, to kick start the rebuilding process.4


Eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats, which make them an excellent choice for a post-workout snack. You could try scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast or a simple hardboiled egg paired with spinach.

Dairy products

Look for protein-rich dairy products like a cottage or ricotta cheese. The natural carbs and nutrients found in these dairy products can help to boost your post-workout recovery. Try enjoying yours with a handful of berries or simply pick a flavoured cottage cheese option as a snack.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish, like salmon and mackerel, are full of protein and healthy omega-3 acids. They can help to reduce inflammation around the body and restore electrolytes. Try enjoying some smoked salmon on wholegrain crackers (perhaps with a smear of ricotta cheese) as a healthy post-workout snack.5

Healthy carbs and grains

Some research has suggested that eating unprocessed carbs can lessen the drop in your immune system after you exercise. Try choosing sweet potatoes, oats, fruit, or wholegrain bread and pair with your favourite protein.6


Some berries are thought to help with muscle soreness and recovery. Try a handful over Greek yoghurt or ricotta cheese as a protein-packed snack.While not strictly a berry, tart cherries are also claimed to help with post-workout recovery.8

Alternative options

Sometimes, it’s not always possible to put together a healthy and nutritious post-workout meal. If you’re on the go or don’t have the time, look for supplements to help you build lean muscle. These are a convenient way to promote muscle recovery after an intense workout.

What food to avoid for muscle recovery

Like with most diet plans, there are some foods you should avoid straight after a workout. These types of ingredients are unlikely to provide you with the essential nutrients you need to recover. Some foods to avoid may include:

  • Salty processed snacks like crisps
  • Processed energy bars or protein bars, which often have lots of artificial sweeteners and low nutrient content
  • Sweet sodas or sports drinks. Water should be enough to keep you hydrated
Instead, choose healthy and balanced food as your go-to for the best recovery possible. Whatever snacks or meals you pick after a workout, remember to stay hydrated too!9 Shop Food & Drink

Last updated: 13 October 2020

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